Another Monday morning

Another Monday morning, raining, oppressive and miserable but my heart lifts as I head to the office. This is the time when everything seems brighter with optimism of what the day may bring. The life of a Private Investigator is completely without routine and I never know what assignments await my arrival.

Two messages

Two messages on my answerphone.

The first from a female client who wants an appointment to discuss the possibility of having her husband put under surveillance in order that she can bring an end to the uncertainty of the identification of “the other woman”. I call her and she is coming to see me in the afternoon.

The second call is from the MD of a large company who wishes to see me at his office to discuss an internal theft matter.

After finishing my second call I am immediately on my way to see the MD. After spending time listening to the extent of the problem, I leave with a clear plan in mind and, of course, the all important retainer cheque.

Back to the office

When I get back to my office I attend to the post and email messages. There are instructions from a Lawyer to interview a man about an industrial injury he sustained at his workplace. There is also a bundle of documents to serve upon a Limited Company for another Lawyer. Lastly, instructions from a Financial Institution to trace an absconding debtor.

It is now the middle of the afternoon and having already located the missing absconder and planned the internal theft enquiry, the female client has arrived to discuss the surveillance. It is agreed that surveillance shall be carried out for 3 evenings to observe her husband leaving his workplace and going to the “other woman’s” address for a couple of hours before returning home and telling his wife (client) that he had to work late.

One email is from an agent on the Bluemoon College Support Programme wanting advice on how to deal with an overseas investigation.

The Support Programme is a real bonus for new investigators who have been on the PI Professional training course. For 3 months they have email access to the course tutors for practical advice and support on jobs and situations they are not familiar with.

Throughout the day the telephone has been ringing. There have been calls from clients, suppliers, sub-agents and other investigators.

Just another day

Well, it is 1800hrs now. It only seems a few minutes ago that I arrived here. I have to leave now as I am running a couple of agents who are starting another surveillance job and just want to make sure that all is well.

Just another day in the life of a Private Investigator and just like all the other days its been full of mystery, espionage and intrigue. Roll on tomorrow…