What does this PI in a Box course get me?

We start your training with a 5 day one-on-one intensive course. We set up your private investigations agency with you. Your company, your telephone line, we help you with everything you need. We begin your training to give you the skill set to be a PI. After the course you will then go on to practice these skills as you build up your experience level by dealing with different cases and investigations. The PI in a Box course cannot give you all the experience you need in a classroom in five days. To support you we give you a 12 month telephone and email support package.

In the course we cover the content of all our courses and much more, including:-

  • Setting up your business – company or sole trader?
  • Specific marketing plan
  • Open source research methods
  • Using the internet as an investigative tool
  • Creating a legend
  • Trace enquiries
  • Surveillance training
  • Electronic surveillance
  • General investigative techniques
  • Pre-sue reports and asset searches
  • Locus and statement taking
  • Process serving
  • GPS trackers, use and deployment
  • Covert cameras
  • Legals

All the knowledge to the PI in a Box is detailed in our training manual. You get a copy of this during the course. It will be the foundation for the knowledge you will start to build throughout your PI career.

One of the most important aspects of this course is how to turn enquiries into paying money. Your course tutor will at times take active calls from prospective or existing clients. You will begin to learn one of the most difficult aspects of running a PI agency. Towards the end of the course you will be expected to take some calls. This will help to start building your confidence level and gain valuable experience.

Course materials and qualifications

Included in the course fee you will also receive:-

  • IQ level 4 surveillance qualification (external 5 day course worth £1,128)
  • EDI level 3 award in Private Investigation (worth £288)
  • Affidavit and certificates templates (worth £29)
  • Process Servers Guide (worth £35)
  • Data Protection Best Practice Guide (worth £55)
  • Covert Photography & Images Book (worth £24)
  • Marketing subscription (worth £55)
  • Complete PI Manual (worth £300)
  • 12 months unlimited telephone and email support (priceless)

Total value £1,914 + telephone and email support whenever you need it.

Where, when and how much?

The PI in a Box is a one-on-one course run from our offices in central London. We run it to order on dates agreed with the candidate. It costs £3,495.

To be accepted on this course you must consent to a background check including a criminal record check.

How to Book

If you have any questions about this course or wish to book a place on it, please either call us on 0207 993 4080 or email us on info@bluemooncollege.co.uk or, alternatively, fill out the form below. To reserve your place we will need full payment on account.


This course will set you up in business with a private detective agency. It will give you the tools to take on your own case load. We cannot guarantee how successful your agency will be as it will ultimately be up to you to go out and market your business, get your clients, complete the work and get paid. However, we know if you follow what we say you will have a very enjoyable career for the rest of your life. It will be also be much easier with our support which we commit to for a full twelve months after your training.


  • Setting up your agency
  • Company v sole trader
  • General security
  • Your name
  • Your contact details
  • Website
  • DPA registration
  • The training manual
  • Basic surveillance training class
  • Competitor exercise
  • The modern investigator


  • Legals – preparation for EDI Level 3 Award
  • Process Serving I

  • OSINT basics
  • Terms and conditions of business
  • Statement taking and locus reports
  • GPS Trackers
  • Basic foot surveillance


  • Overview so far
  • Tracing enquiries
  • Photography equipment
  • Evidence preservation
  • Mobile surveillance
  • Process Serving II
  • Affidavits and Statements
  • GPS Tracker deployment
  • Foot surveillance exercise


  • Marketing your business
  • Covert camera equipment
  • Creating a legend
  • Electronic surveillance
  • Anti surveillance
  • Counter surveillance
  • Mobile surveillance exercise


  • Invoicing, credit terms and account management
  • Outsourcing work
  • Public transport surveillance theory
  • Preparation for EDI Level 3 exam
  • Recap
  • Final exercise

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