• GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking


Modern covert investigations, whether conducted by private investigators, the police or other intelligence gatherers often utilise GPS trackers. GPS Tracking is a covert tool that maybe used to support surveillance operations.

GPS trackers report the location of an item. This could be an individual, a vehicle, a delivery or personal items.

Being able to offer GPS tracking solutions to your clients is a profitable revenue stream. They can be invaluable on difficult surveillance operations where the target may be “aware” or if you should experience a “loss” and need to recover an operation.

27th May 2017

Product Description

The Course

The GPS Tracker Course covers the use and deployment of GPS trackers within private investigations. The morning is classroom based before we spend the afternoon in the field doing practical work that covers deploying, monitoring and retrieving various trackers.

It gives training in the following subject areas:-

  • Tracking solutions for investigators
  • Selling tracker services
  • Pricing
  • Agent-to-Agent work
  • Different types of trackers
  • The technology
  • Deployment and Retrieval
  • Tricks of the trade
  • Controlling the tracker
  • Track Panels & Monitoring
  • Geofencing & Zones
  • Alerts & Alarms
  • Security
  • Legals
  • Compromise
  • Case examples

Free extras

In addition, delegates attending this course will receive a voucher worth up to 25% off tracker credits from Bluetrack GPS Trackers www.bluetrack.co.uk


This one day course is held at our London office.

Next date and booking

This course is next being held on Tuesday 31st January 2017. If you have any questions about this course or wish to book a place on it. Please either call us on 0207 993 4080 or email us on [email protected]. Alternatively, you can fill out the form below. To reserve your place we will need a 50% deposit. The balance is payable 7 days before the course starts.

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