1.3 Identify criteria for establishing the feasibility of an investigation

1.3           Identify criteria for establishing the feasibility of an investigation


Match the preferred investigation options to available resources

Identify the available resources

  • people
  • equipment
  • information
  • finance
  • specialists

Quantify and cost resources

Know how to find and secure resources needed for the investigation

The importance of reviewing and updating plans in response to changing circumstances.


Potential constraints on achieving the objectives, which could be:

  • financial
  • resources
  • time
  • logistical (distance, location)
  • personnel
  • legal
  • ethical
  • moral
  • professional values

Areas of concern that could have an impact on the investigation limitations and restrictions.

For example

  • changes in legislation, regulation or codes ofpractice
  • social or community impact
  • enforcement agency involvement,
  • Police, Revenue & Customs, security services (e.g. a crime investigation or surveillance operation)
  • media interest or involvement
  • national or international boundaries
  • covert surveillance being compromised
  • collateral intrusion
  • lack of information (either intentionally or otherwise)
  • identification of the need to cater for special needs, age, limited ability, etc.