Become a PI

I always wanted to become a private investigator …

I always wanted to become a Private Investigator but when I tried to find out how to do this I always seemed to come up against a brick wall. Having been in sales in one way or another I had no experience or skills that would help me get into the fascinating world of the PI. By chance I met Keith Walker who runs Bluemoon College. He suggested that I consider a training programme that he would put together which would give me the knowledge, skills and confidence to become a Private Detective.

To cut a long story short, after I had been trained, I found myself running my own Detective Agency based in Essex called Custodis Investigations. Custodis has grown to be a leading detective agency in the region. Within a short space of time I won an award for being the ‘Best Newcomer’ to the PI profession, which was awarded by one of the PI Associations. I have also gone on to achieve an NVQ Level 4 in Investigation, which is the highest award that a PI can achieve in the UK.

I have received great support whenever I have needed advice, which particularly in the early days was invaluable. It seems only yesterday that I was wishing I could become a Private Detective but here I am doing what I have always wanted to do. I get great satisfaction in what I do and it is very financially rewarding. I totally support the training offered by this organisation – it is well worth doing.

A. C – Custodis Investigations, Chelmsford, Essex