Private Investigator License Update – January 2018

Update re getting your Private Investigator License "How do I get my Private Investigator License?" is one of the most common enquiries we get over the telephone. This topic has been well debated and the subject of many blog posts over the years! The below speech by Baroness Henig was made on December 7th 2017 makes [...]

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How to become a private investigator online free

We are often asked about online courses especially those that offer a strap line to "become a private investigator online free". Practical skill sets We have never been a big fan of online courses. We work and deal with practical skill sets which you cannot teach effectively online. There is only so much that can be [...]

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How To Become An Investigator: Why Most PI’s Fail

7 reasons for why most people fail is covered in more detail in our free webinar - sign up here for the webinar and you will automatically get loads more free content on how to become an investigator. If you are serious about how to become an investigator you will need to have a plan. You [...]

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The Stages of Private Investigation Training

We often get asked, "Investigation Training - where do I start? What do the different providers offer? What do I need to do to actually become a private investigator?" This guide has been developed after years of helping people to transform them from wanting to be a PI to actually being a PI. Research - do [...]

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A Day in the Life

Another Monday morning Another Monday morning, raining, oppressive and miserable but my heart lifts as I head to the office. This is the time when everything seems brighter with optimism of what the day may bring. The life of a Private Investigator is completely without routine and I never know what assignments await my arrival. [...]

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Licensing Private Investigators

Do you need a licence to become a private investigator? This is probably the most frequently asked question we receive from customers enquiring about beginning a career in private investigation. And the simple answer is no, not yet. Anybody who wishes to become a private investigator can simply advertise a phone number and start, with no [...]

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What PI Equipment do I need?

What PI equipment do I really need to get started? What PI equipment do I need? In our experience, this is one of the first questions many aspiring PI’s ask. If you are thinking about starting a career in private investigation do not run out and buy loads of PI equipment. Resist the urge. Sure, [...]

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