Process Serving Webinar


Process Serving is the bread and butter work for most professional private investigators bringing in a regular income stream.

The course is taught as a two day webinar with ABI Academy Trainer, Will Clayton. It includes video and real life paperwork scenarios you will encounter in your career as a process server. There are assessment tests to check your learning as your progress through the two days.

There is an optional practical assessment available at the end of the two day webinar to gain experience in a real life scenario.

The course fee includes a free copy of the ABI Process Servers Guide worth £47.

The next dates are 15th and 16th September 2020.



Process Serving Webinar Course – Full Details

Process Serving is hand delivering court documents so there is a lot of legal language. It can be very confusing for the novice process server. What are N39’s, N215’s, affidavits? What are certificates, petitions, injunctions, and sealed orders? The list can seem never ending and getting it wrong could be a disaster. Not only for the case and the solicitor you are working for but it could do damage to your business reputation. Our Process Serving Webinar will set you straight. Set over days dial in from the comfort of home to learn all you need to know.

The Webinar

This webinar will help you avoid all mistakes and turn you into a professional process server.

We cover the full content of the online course. There are 21+ lessons – some delivered by powerpoint, some by videos and it includes tests and quizzes to check your learning as you progress through the two days. The lessons include topics on:-

  • The role of the process server
  • Receiving client instructions
  • Personal Service
  • What is effective service?
  • Substituted service
  • Serving by appointment
  • Templates
  • Affidavits
  • Statements / Certificates of Service
  • Handling difficult clients
  • Pricing work
  • Networking
  • Marketing for process servers
  • Legals and the Data Protection Act
  • Invoicing and debt management / bad payees

It contains everything you need to be a successful process server.

Free extras

We show you how to find and create all the templates you will ever need in your process serving career. We show you how to write affidavits and statements. You also get a free copy of the process servers guide worth £47 and 12 months email support following the course.


Assessment for the process serving webinar course includes an in-field assessment where you practise serving documents in real life.

You are awarded a certificate for successfully completing the webinar theory and a second certificate on completing the in-field assessment.

Where, when and how much?

Register now! It costs £349. The fee includes a copy of the ABI Process Servers Guide and the in-field assessment. The next dates are the 15th and 16th September 2020.


If you have any questions about this course, please email us on