The Stages of Private Investigation Training

We often get asked, “Investigation Training – where do I start? What do the different providers offer? What do I need to do to actually become a private investigator?” This guide has been developed after years of helping people to transform them from wanting to be a PI to actually being a PI.

Research – do not be a victim!

Firstly, before you spend ANY money with any investigation training provider, do your research. If you want to become a private investigator then this should be natural for you! We will give you one word of warning – do not spend any money with anyone who guarantees you work, or leads for work, after completing their course. There are many fraudsters out there who will take your money, give you some online investigation training and then do nothing for you afterwards. Find someone with an established history. If nothing else do a google search linking “their name” and “scam” and see what comes up!

Be realistic and consider that you are wanting to enter a career where most decent private investigators will make £30,000 per year. Do you really think you can learn that with a simple online course that costs £600 or less? If it did then everyone would be a private investigator. You have to question the quality of that training and whether it is fit for purpose.

Understand the industry

Next, get a basic understanding of how you get into the industry and become a PI – it is not as simple as applying for jobs. Our free webinar explains it all – watch it here

Then before you spend money on investigation training check that it is something you definitely want to do. Try and find a “taster day” or “experience day” and meet some real life PI’s, look at the kit and complete a surveillance task. We run ours nearly every month on a Saturday – click here for the next date and availability.

Now, you need to start to learn and get investigation training so you have that underpinning knowledge. Remember you need to know how to convert leads into paying customers so you have to understand what you are talking about. You also need to know how to act legally and understand the laws you will be working with whilst a professional investigator. Consider taking our Legals for PI’s webinar – it’s online so you can do it from home at your own time!

Get investigation training

You now know you definitely want to be a professional PI and have basic background information about the industry. You need to expand your learning and get a mentor. Want to be PI’s undertake their investigation training in different ways, depending on their life circumstances. You can either do a series of day courses (e.g. Process Serving (2 days), GPS Trackers, Business & Marketing (2 days) or you could attend our “PI Professional Advanced Course” – a full on 5 day intensive classroom course covering both the theory and different practical aspects of most professional PI work.

After this you will need to open your detective agency to get clients (if you have got this far and thought you could just get a job as an investigator, go back to the beginning and watch our free webinar about the industry.)

Consider a mentor

Most successful people will have a mentor – someone they can turn to for support when they don’t know the answer. If you want a close relationship with an experienced private investigator who will help you set up your own agency, you could consider our “PI in a Box” programme which is the full PI Professional Advanced Course delivered on a 1-2-1 basis with lots of additional training and help. We get you up and running and qualified.


  1. Avoid the biggest mistake of all – do your research on your training provider
  2. Sign up for our free webinar to avoid the 7 most common mistakes – click here
  3. Attend a PI Experience Day to check it is what you want to do
  4. Start training, either day courses over a period of time or intense training
  5. Find a mentor
  6. Open your agency

Have you considered the franchise options?

Sounds too difficult to do it alone? You could consider a franchise where the business is already set up. You will be able to work within an established brand and have the full-time support of experienced people on a daily basis. At Bluemoon we are looking to expand our coverage through the UK and have many franchise options available through Bluemoon Agencies. You can find out more here at


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