How To Become An Investigator: Why Most PI’s Fail

7 reasons for why most people fail is covered in more detail in our free webinar – sign up here for the webinar and you will automatically get loads more free content on how to become an investigator.

If you are serious about how to become an investigator you will need to have a plan. You have to understand a bit about the PI world – there are not a lot of big agencies who employ investigators. The majority are small one man bands. They will make a reasonable living but they will do nearly all of the work themselves. There certainly is not enough work to share between two people so they don’t take on employees.

Even if jobs do become available, there is huge competition for them. Someone who is new to the industry is unlikely to walk into a paid position – it will go to the experienced private investigator who can start making the agency money from day one, with little need for training and hand holding.

The main 7 reasons that new PI’s fail when they join the industry are

  1. Failure to understand the industry – they think they are going to send an enthusiastic CV and get a job or work experience as a private investigator with a big company
  2. Failure to undertake proper training and get underpinning knowledge – you do not become a PI by doing an online course for a few hundred pounds
  3. Failure to understand the legals and conducting illegal enquiries. You must understand the legal framework you are going to work in – we offer a legals webinar for more information
  4. Paying money to a training provider who promises you work or leads for work when you have completed their course – IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE – IT PROBABLY IS!
  5. Failure to understand you are going into business for yourself – you nust understand the business cycle
  6. Failure to market your business and yourself effectively to get paying clients – i.e. not having a marketing plan or budget
  7. Not getting paid for completed work

You have to accept you will need to build your experience level. You are not going to do it overnight and you should have a plan to build your agency. There is nothing wrong with starting part-time and building up to going full-time.

Private investigators are essentially entrepreneurs – all successful entrepreneurs will have had a mentor at some stage (usually at the beginning), to help them when they don’t know what to do.

If you are still not sure about how to become an investigator you could consider coming on our PI Experience Day – it is a great opportunity to meet real private investigators and ask any questions you want to help you make a decision

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